Merkabah Press was founded three years ago by Kevin Hart (that’s me). Ten years ago, I was in a treatment center and thought my life was over (well, it was, in many ways). It seemed drug addiction was at a high-point in our society, but it nearly pales in comparison to what is happening on our streets now, here in 2017, as we also prepare for an unsure future of our country on so many levels. What can we really trust?

When I set out to write a book to let others know there are ways to beat addiction, founding a press company was not on the radar. But then, neither was much of what day-to-day life has now become. What my life has blossomed into, even at age 49, I could not have dreamed. It is not that I am traveling the world and internationally famous – quite the opposite. I’ve found peace in my soul and get to share it with others. Every day I wake up in gratitude and grace, looking forward to life. I get to carry a message that it is possible to change into the jails, and into the hearts of others, just as it was given me. Yes, I’m sober from any chemicals, substances and the like, but that was a mere beginning. Consciousness itself is far more fascinating than worrying about any worldly problems.

And this is what Merkabah Press is now for – sharing. We share the pathways and principles that have helped us move beyond a life where we are using things, stuff and people to try and get by, yes … but more, we share how we are realizing a life of joy and bliss and true happiness that at one time seemed impossible.

I have found through my own journey that epidemics such as drug addiction and war and violence and hatred are results, but certainly not core problems. These things are symptoms of a greater unrest and core set of issues. One need not ever imbibe a drug or a drink to know the suffering and desperation that we as addicts have known. In this way, our work has become about getting to the real root and bringing change from here.



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A Thousand Screaming Monkeys

by Kevin A. Hart

Kevin’s story begins in a treacherous place, a state of mind and body so hideous that he practically invites getting his head blown clean-off by a double-barrel. 

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