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Merkabah Press was founded by a simple self-inquiry:

Can I allow myself to go beyond the smaller problems of life and be guided in a more fulfilling way than trying to control situations and outcomes?

Merkabah is a word originally from Jewish mysticism. It literally means “Light-Spirit-Body”, and I have also been told it means “Chariot.” What it really means to me is simply, “higher awareness”. All human beings have the inherent ability to awaken to a Greater Reality, right now

This may sound fantastical to some, and that is OK. Language is language, and of itself is quite limiting. Language uses all kinds of different symbols to attempt to describe what we are, and what we are doing. This often inhibits us from direct experience. As a fun exercise, begin asking yourself, “What meaning have I attached to this word? Is it accurate, or only one possible interpretation?” 

The work we do is for one purpose, and that is awakening. You see, back when I was in jail all the time and in the depths of addiction, it really seemed there had to be something more than a life of uselessness. The meaning I had attached to life itself was quite bleak! So much has changed now.

When that “something more than a life of uselessness” was finally found it was as if everything I’d always sought materialized out of thin air. This is not a unique experience – many who once suffered tremendously have found that it need not be so. Realizing a purposeful life is not reserved for a select few – it is available to everyone. 


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Our home is on lovely Panther Lake in Snohomish, Washington

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A Thousand Screaming Monkeys

by Kevin A. Hart

Kevin’s story begins in a treacherous place, a state of mind and body so hideous that he practically invites getting his head blown clean-off by a double-barrel. 

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