Life is what happens between our plans. What are you up to in the world? It seems transformation is the hot topic among the circles in which I now roam, and has been for a long while. Many of us are still in jobs or life paths that are mostly unfulfilling; maybe we continue doing them solely for the purpose of bringing home money and basic survival. I can relate.

     But there is the dream in your heart. That thing that dares speak up every so often saying something like, “… don’t forget about me.”   And as we get older it gets quieter, quieter, and one day it may just be gone. But it is never too late … to live your dreams, to enjoy your childhood, to live the life you have always dreamed. No matter in what conditions you now find yourself or what circumstances, that longing within you is within reach.

     Once you believe it, you will see it. All the tricks of changing our thoughts to change our life that we know so well, that we might have heard a thousand times, why do we so often try them but they seem to fail us? It is because there is something in the way. We try and create a masterpiece painting called our life, our dream, only we seek to do it upon a canvas that has already been used for something else.

     If it were only so easy as to run down to the local store and purchase a clean slate. We cannot hit the “easy button” on this, however. And here, many give up all-too easily, for it is the most demanding and difficult thing we might ever take on, but it is also the most freeing, expansive and soul-revealing undertaking to which we can commit ourselves. This brings us into the realms of human consciousness, of karma, of old hurts and wounds, of countless years of mental and physical and emotional stores of gunk, old programs, ways of being, neural pathways, memes, whatever names we give them. This business of personal growth and spiritual realization is not as tough as it seems upon taking the first steps, however. There is a power that exists within you, right now, perhaps untapped, that can accomplish all those things where “you” may have fallen short. But what if it is all for learning what you are not? Perhaps it is not the job that is unfulfilling.

     So the work must first be a sort of clearing, of “cleaning house”, an undoing of what we perceive as who we are, for too long now. There is a pre-requisite for this step to be taken; we must let go of the old ways. Surrender has its two sides as well, like most things in our dualistic universe. It is so hard and at first painful to let go, yet when we do, most say something like, “Why didn’t I do that a long time ago?” It takes what it takes to get us where we got.

     It is possible to change. It is possible to become unrecognizable to you as you, and to live the dream that whispers to you even right now. For God would not put a dream in your heart without also giving you everything you need to realize that dream.

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