Amazing Journey

1000SM-cover-webThe long-awaited book is now available for purchase. You may be shocked by what you find in its pages.

by Kevin Arthur Hart

Kevin’s story begins in a treacherous place, a state of mind and body so hideous that he practically invites getting his head blown clean-off by a double-barrel. And it isn’t the first time he comes this close to death.

But, on the way to perpetuate the multi-faceted malady that plagues him, while in the back of a police cruiser even, something happens. At first, it comes as a voice. Barely finding the courage to listen to it, an adventure like never before begins. Soon, he finds himself in some strange place where everything begins to speak to him. The Voice morphs and shifts and changes, and as it does, Kevin continues on the greatest journey of his life. But it is not without peril.

In this true story, we are brought inside the mind and body of a very troubled soul. But, is it only manufactured and lived inside of as if it were real? In all the controlling and manipulating and escaping which brings him to the mystical place where the healing begins, he could never just be OK. All the drugs and alcohol and women and rock bands and sucking the life out of people just trying to survive, never offered the solace that was found in such an unlikely place.

This is the story of how one man overcame atrocious behaviors and tearing through people’s lives; how this man found the very cause of his suffering and then the ability to forgive it, resulting in freedom from a thousand screaming thoughts and self-imposed judgments.

In instants that defy time, the realization we are only part of a much greater whole reveals itself. Letting go into it, a great secret is uncovered.

• • •

Note from the author:

If someone would have told me that someday I’d write a book sharing what it is like to be an alcoholic and drug addict, fully disclosing all my shortcomings in a very candid way, I probably would have laughed and downed another drink.

But, that is just what has been done. Why?

The real answer: I am not sure. Nonetheless, it took years to complete A Thousand Screaming Monkeys. It was written for all who seek a better way to live.

When I wound up at the treatment center sure life was over and completely lost, a series of miracles began to occur. A guy like me couldn’t become much of anything except what I had always been, which was an unlovely creature; a people-user, and self-centered to the extreme. A waste of space. But, these proved to be false notions, among so many, as would be revealed.

This book contains a universal story, maybe it can help you.

I imagine what it must have been like for my own mother when she was searching for a place to find help for me. My family, when they saw me so near death and suffering from … from what? Why was it so hard just to live as a human being? Why is not, now?

This is a story of human transformation, of finding the light in a world of darkness.


Available Now!

A Thousand Screaming Monkeys

by Kevin A. Hart

Kevin’s story begins in a treacherous place, a state of mind and body so hideous that he practically invites getting his head blown clean-off by a double-barrel. 

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