Ode to Shakti

She listens, far and wide

Like a dream, an ocean, a sprite counting time.

She is there, in the ethers, yet strolls on the beach

What is this, divine seashell? A secret to tell?

Yes, I will listen, yes, I am.

O great ocean, you roar, but your might is so sweet

Take me you will, in a flash, an instant, but only in time.

Beyond the Forest too, I walked and I sang.

Strolling the trail, the trees they did watch.

A thousand eyes, staring at me, telling my secret

If only I could hear. And so listen I do, and listen I did

When I think all alone, knowing inside, life not my own.

Divine Mother, O divine Mother

You are here, the bosom, the fruit; how the wind can smile

What has opened mine eyes, in ways only so sweet?

Why was I blind, and deaf and asleep? Does not matter

No, does not care. Time is no time and thing not a thing

Listen by heart, everything sings.

One finds the path. It is good, long and not long.

One finds the truth; an uncovering, a removal, but not just from you.

Show me, sweet One, teach me to see.

I am willing and willing and would love to be wrong.

Open thine eyes in forgiving the past

I will guide, show, help and support.

The rain is here, the rain is here.

It pours on the head and brings its ten thousand gifts.

A shelter you build, to find dry and cocoon.

The rain it pours, mighty monsoon.

You watch, listen, seek and shall find.

The rain has a secret, she tells it to you.

O, divine Mother, let me rest in you awhile.

Before I pretend again and again. Before I hide lest I fail

And bitter so sweet, but the rain, her secret …

The Ocean, her treasure.

A desert, the sands …

Divine Mother, please take my hand.

I am ready, to give up my plight

I am ready, divine Mother, to be set all right.


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