So Many People!

January 19, 2015

Have you a dream in your heart? We all do. What stops us from realizing this dream? Only we do. For any undertaking in the universe of time and space, someone has come before. Maybe not just the way you or I show up with a similar idea, but there are no real original ideas. We can google whatever we are interested in and someone is doing it. This can be disconcerting, or it can be fascinating. It also works in reverse; how many times have you come upon a notion or a pathway, something that inspires you and suddenly, over the next days and weeks, people spouting the very same idea(s) are popping up all over the place, as if to say, “We came up with that first.” How small this can make one feel. But do not negate your true incandescense.

Something is indeed going on in the world of imagination and creativity. Especially now, with planet Earth as packed full as it is. I realized a simple yet profound thing: If our population was suddenly reduced to just 5%, there would still be about 400 million humans traversing the terrain of our precious planet. That is still a staggering number! (This is based on my own postulation that earth’s population is actually closer to 8 billion than the numbers commonly given.)

It always amazes me that there are so many seemingly separate beings alive at this point in time. And with the internet, which is really just now ramping up, we are at an all-time high for accessing information – and each other. So many times, I’ve come up with one of those “original idea” and googled it, only to find that there are a plethora of others with the very same original idea. But there is a paradox that can be easily overlooked when we underestimate ourselves.

We are both so very special and not that special at all.

I love this! Unique humbleness, perhaps. Inherent in each of us, whether it be one, ten or ten billion, just like no two faces are just the same, is a specialness that we can use in at least two ways. When we try and be cool or be the best at something for merely personal gain, it’s like being the fastest gun in the west; someone will always come along that betters us. But when we give that gift, offer it back to humanity, offer it back to our Source, we actually become inspired by the similarity that we once abhorred, and welcome others to come along that wish to share the same or very similar gifts. Here, they become gifts for the world instead of trophies of dominance for only ourselves.

In the depths of hell we can find the blackest of hate, or we can find the light switch. Go deep enough into chaos and order is found; order things enough and it becomes perfect chaos. Notions such as these have always fascinated me, and sharing with you (whoever may be reading) has become my most cherished treasure. Some of the writers, speakers and sages who have put their thoughts out to inspire me have become my closest friends, even if they have long since given up the form which once encased their precious souls. I find great comfort in what they found within and cared to take the time to articulate and share a hundred or five hundred or five thousand years ago. Somehow, whether through papyrus, stone or carbon, their writings, their deepest thoughts and imaginings found their way to me. And with them comes a sort of responsibility.

So, I realize that every encounter is a divine encounter. Whether we come upon each other in the streets or by a more modern method, let us remember this: Each of us has the divine gift within. We are either emanating love or a cry for love; we are either sharing what we are, or looking for what we are. When we find the preciousness of eternity within, our special and un-special divine gift, and choose to share it, do we stumble upon the golden key and settle into a more natural state, a state which needs not recognition to flourish.

Here, the gates of ignorance can be undone and we can find what we have always sought. The ripples caused by the dropping of this single pebble might surprise you. Love is real … what if nothing else was?

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