Spring’s Reminder

March 19, 2015, 10:16 a.m.

As good a time as any. A bald Eagle literally just flew onto a branch not 30 feet outside my window, as if to say, “You’re on the right path.” He’s still there, watching. I feel like a happy child in many ways, a simple life has now replaced the complicated, for multiple years now. As my friend Stephen Buhner says, It’s never too late to enjoy your childhood.

It feels like that. I am child-like, but not child-ish … well, maybe sometimes. Life is a grand adventure, and nature is always rich with teaching and learning. Not sure just how I wound up here, living on a serene, beautiful lake, with the elements all so close. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and so many more.

But never mind that, for there are things to do in the world, right? Maybe.

Spring has come early this year, cherry blossoms raining down, even now. We have gardens to plant, children to raise, animals to tend. We have real-life stuff, some people transitioning out of their bodies, new ones coming in. Life is life-ing, and here we are.

Today my heart overflows with a simple gratitude. I love my friends and my family, enjoy witnessing the miracle of spring do its thing. And I get to go play in it.

Happy spring to you. I think of the victories of life, the defeats, the ups and downs, that spring will come and go, then will summer be here, fall and winter, too, and I’ll probably write you about all that, again. Thank you for reading, by the way. I love to watch the young people’s eyes as they grow, and have been around long enough now to see kids turn to adults, then have their own kids. I’ll certainly never figure “it” out, and enjoying it is far sweeter than that, anyway.

There is one thing I have learned, however. The sweet and the sour, the joys and sorrows, a simple lesson has come through all of them, a kind embrace and an easy truth …

This too shall pass

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